Our Story

The saga of RoyalOoze had its humble beginnings in a vibrant classroom, the birthplace of many creative sparks. Picture a young designer, engrossed in his world of cartoons. Page after page, sketch after sketch, he was immersed in his art, letting his imagination take the reins.

However the confines of a sketchbook couldn't contain this artist's ambitions. He was struck by a brilliant idea: graphic designing for clothes. Without missing a beat, he dove into a whole new world of digital design.

Galvanized by this revelation, he scoured the internet for inspiration. Fueled by determination, vision, and his love of minimalist design, he spent hours sketching, erasing, and redesigning. Eventually, his efforts bore fruit and he was able to craft a logo, a tangible representation of his idea.

Eager to share his achievement, he rushed to his father. Instead of just sharing a proud father-son moment, they saw an opportunity. An opportunity to create something bigger than just a logo. Together, they envisioned a company, one that would sell clothing featuring the young artist's designs.

And thus, RoyalOoze was born from the ashes of countless sketches and the resilient spirit of a young artist and his supportive father. And now? Well, you're looking at the result: A company that thrives on creativity, simplicity, and the unique vision of its youthful originator.

If you think we don't know what we're doing, you're right.  We don't know what we're doing.  We just sell clothes that we think look cool and we think that you'll like them too.